You will see a short movie I have made with a schoolmate and friend called Niki Smit at the Utrecht School of Arts. As an artist you sometimes have to make decisions between your passion and your daily life. For me a critical decision because I like to give it all. Is this passion, my arts where I put a lot of time and energy in, more important than friendship, love or family? I am glad I don't have to answer that question right now. Why do we have to make pictures, paintings, movies or write books? What is the reason we try to make our own life eternal? What is the dark side of long life guarantee? These were our inspirations while making the movie.

Title: Long life guarantee

Size: 720 x 576

Techniques: film combined with 2d frame by frame hand drawn animation

Duration: 11 min 23 sec

Motive: school project

Date: July 2006