To start my real name is nothing like Otherotter, Simon van der Linden(1982) is my name in daily use.

During high school I had two main interests people and video games. There seemed no further education that directly combined those two. After a short orientation period I decided to focus on an education where you learn to help people on a professional way.
After finishing my education and a year of working in a mental hospital, I missed some creativity in my job.

Still full of energy I'm now almost Bachelor of Art and Technology in Design for Virtual Theatre and Games. Here is where I have learned to combine the interactivity of videogames with the passion of theatre.

At this moment I'm educating mental disabled people how to play and orientate with the medium video games and giving them drawing lessons. To me it is a challenge to combine unusual aspects to create innovation. Like using a old laptop as a lighted drawing table for my drawing lessons. Make enlightened art from second hand lamp shades. Use innovative interactivity in the theatre, and design games who are tangible.Eventually I believe there will be an atmosphere where people can make original art with there hearth without thinking about there image and money in the first place.

The otter acts like no other, wont fit in any box and enjoys combining a rock, a shell and a tummy.

Greetings with a guffaw,
The Otherotter.